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The Moth Chicago Grand Slam

Photo courtesy: The Moth’s tumblorg

Had an awesome night at The Moth Grand Slam. Read eighth out of nine storytellers, and gave it my all. Judging-wise, I placed in the bottom third, but maybe half a dozen people came up to me at the end to tell me they liked my story best. SECRET SPECIAL AUDIENCE FAVORITE :)

Why the discrepancy between judges and audience? Perhaps just that: sexy nerds with high self-esteem only play well to sexy nerds with high self-esteem. Witness: Steve Jobs. Reviled in his sexual prime.

Steve Jobs + Steve Wozniak (1977)

Plus I made crusty old Don Hall crack up a lot from the stage, which was awesome. He has thus transformed from Don Hall, The Man Who Made ‘Professional Asshole’ His Personal Brand into Don Hall, Beloved Radio Personality.

So :)

I’ll post the audio once I have it in my hot little hands!


The Moth Chicago Grand Slam

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