and get a haircut. a rebellious one.
Image courtesy A Softer World

I’m sick of hearing about how writers “must suffer.” Fuck that. But, current working theory: writers must have some insight into the dark, uncomfortable places of their souls.

What I mean to say is: currently in life I’m suffering less and enjoying myself, while simultaneously looking more carefully into the darkness. So when I offered a universal unequivocal truth one paragraph ago, I was only speaking locally and normative to myself. So it goes.

In other news, a friend asked if, after my experience at The Moth Grand Slam, whether I would tailor future storytelling so that it would be more self-deprecatingly nerdy. I said, fuck that. I’m only going to push harder. More nerd. More beauty. More myself.

So it goes :)

and get a haircut. a rebellious one.

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