This is the untold story of the Internet.

BLOGJOB is a new web series set in Chicago about one of the Internet’s dark little secrets: SEO blogs, or fake blogs that trick Google into making websites rank higher in search results. In fact, hundreds of thousands of sites on the web are utterly fake SEO blogs not meant for human eyes, but for search engine spiders and robots.

This is the story of fake Internet, and the people who write it.


Andy is 30-year-old writer in Chicago with a fancy MFA and 10 years of writers block. She’s supported herself on crappy dayjob after crappy dayjob, always believing that if she hangs in there that one day she’ll write the book Fitzgerald always meant to. She’s an old school romantic with a cigarette holder a la Holly Golightly, a typewriter a la Hemingway, and a perfect vision of what the writing life looks like.

Finally, she lands the strangest, shittiest job ever: writing fake blogs for an SEO content farm. It’s the opposite of Andy’s writing life: the work is a nihilist scream into an unfeeling void, her co-workers seem like they might be in a cult, and the boss Roger has alarming delusions of grandeur.

But something magical happens: the job unlocks Andy’s block. Can she keep her awful blogjob long enough to finish her manuscript, without losing her mind in the process?

Andy’s not alone—she has co-workers Rilke, a spunky musician; TJ, a quiet, heavy metal-loving genius, and Hari, who channels his sociopathology into a unique sales style.