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Co-Creator – Writer – Director – Editor

I’m not going to write this in the third person. Hello! I’m Erica! If we’ve talked since 2010, then I’ve probably monopolized several conversations with you yakking about this show. It’s finally here and I’m so proud! So proud.

From July 2010 (when I actually had an actual blogjob writing fake blogs) through the following summer I wrote seven complete drafts of the show’s pilot with Amy. For the eighth draft, with her blessing, I went rogue on the production folks we’d been talking to for two years, and wrote 55 pages of new material. Boom kaboom, cowboys.

Then I thought about doing a Kickstarter to fund and shoot it. Then I became overwhelmed by managing merch, and taxes, and the fact that a shoot will eat up as much money as you’re willing to spend on it ($50,000? $75,000?). Then I said, “duck it! I’m going to spend $100 on wigs, and shoot it in my apartment this weekend, and that’ll be the end of it!”

But my brother Chris, a genius artist and filmmaker, said: “just put out the call. People will be attracted to a good script and a passionate project.”

So I did, and ended up attracting some incredible actors from the Chicagoland area, and a wonderful crew. We shot the entire run of the first fifteen episodes in the fall of 2012 on a tight budget, airing it live to the Internet in the spring of 2013.


I want this show to set the world on fire, but I also want it to make you laugh. If it does either to you, please—leave a comment!

My next projects include: another series called EVERYBODY HATES BISEXUALS, a feature script about the OJ Simpson trial, and a documentary about amicable divorces.


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