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Andy’s come crawling back to her old blogjob at FML Internet Marketing. But will they take her back?



Psssst: spoilers! Do what you need to do.

Episode 1: Andy is a 30-year-old writer an MFA and ten years of writer’s block. She needs a job.
tl, dr Andy needs a job.

Episode 2: Andy interviews with Roger Lee of FML Internet Marketing to be a blogger. Er, “blogger”?
tl, dr Andy gets a job.

Episode 3: Rilke explains SEO blogging. “Fake blogs”? Does Andy really want this job?
tl, dr Andy learns about the job.

Episode 4 Andy quits! But wait … has this terrible blogjob mysteriously, paradoxically broken her writer’s blog?
tl, dr Andy quits the job. But …

Episode 5: Andy comes crawing back. Roger drinks yerba mate, likes staff to well-oiled Marines. Don’t touch TJ’s stuff, TJ.
tl, dr Andy comes crawling back, just in time for staff meeting.

Episode 6: Roger Lee, Founder-President-CEO of FML Internet Marketing, describes his online business philosophy and why he named his company “FML.”
tl, dr Roger raps on his online business philosophy.

Episode 7: TJ explains how they “trick Googly.” Rilke sings. Hari is insane. Andy takes notes and quits. But …
tl, dr Andy quits the job. But …

Episode 8: Certified genius and convicted felon TJ talks about his skills, pet peeves, and eating habits.
tl, dr Convicted genius TJ talks about his skills, pet peeves.

Episode 9: Internet startup serial entrepreneur Carl Outidge, most recently of FML’s upstairs neighbor Boingy talks shop. Boinger Derek discusses his love of Boing.
tl, dr FML’s not the only nebulous startup in the building. Meet Boingy.

Episode 10: Carl Outidge and Boinger Derek discuss the upcoming staff party, plans for world domination.
tl, dr This is what I think startups are actually like.

Episode 11: Andy, newly-liberated from wage slavery, throws a party; her longtime frenemy Dre has an interesting proposition.
tl, dr Andy’s longtime frenemy Dre has an interesting proposition.

Episode 12: Dre’s intimation of an advance on Andy’s book leaves Andy newly inspired to write. But now that she’s quit FML, her writer’s block is back.
tl, dr Andy’s kinda maybe sorta got a book deal. Too bad her writer’s block is back.

Episode 13: Dre smokes one of those electronic cigarettes, talks about the Internet, culture, love, and personal integrity.
tl, dr Dre: the girl you hate and hate to love.

Episode 14: Andy comes crawling back to FML, just in time to find out she’s been replaced; Rilke plays ukulele; Roger loves a man in sunglasses.
tl, dr Andy returns to FML, but they’ve already re-hired.

Episode 15: The blogjobbers are left with an impossible task. Can Andy lead them to victory, saving her job (and her book)?
tl, dr A year’s blogging by 5pm. Can Andy save the day, her job?


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  1. erica says:

    I’m not on Faceface–this is how I narrowly escaped Facefriending the bosses. I nearly started a fake Tweeter to appease them, but quit before it really came to a head.

    [realizes this is all true]